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Our purpose and passion is to Connect, to Serve, and to Provide (to and for our Manufacturers, our Customers, and our Families)

in delivering quality by partnering with the best manufacturers

to Wholesalers, Plumbers, Mechanicals, Builders, K&B's, Designers, Architects, and Engineers in Arkansas who value quality in Products, Customer Service, Resources, and Partnership.

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  • joined the team in 1976
  • became a principal in 1981


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Andy Kella

President / Principal

Holly Joslin

Customer Service / Office Personnel


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Outside Sales

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  • joined the team in 2021

Doug Rich


Our Story

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  • joined the team 2003

Founded by Jack Rich in January, 1969, as Jack Rich Sales.

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Tim Elrod


Vice President / Sales Manager


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  • joined the team in 2020

Core Values

Core Focus

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  • joined the team in 1997
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  • Became President in 2019
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Gary Butler

Operations Manager

Rich Sales is a manufacturer’s representative firm that sells quality plumbing products to the wholesale channel in Arkansas. We are pleased to represent many of the top manufacturers in our industry and are happy to partner with wholesalers within the trade channel to bring awareness to all of our product lines.

Rich Sales does not sell direct to the public. All sales of our products go through your favorite wholesale supply house.


Outside Sales

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  • joined the team in 2022